Who We Are

Hi! We are Michael and Lisa, proud parents of two little boys (for now) sitting in a house built in 1875 in Northeast Ohio.  We live between hundreds of acres of farmland and parks, but we only have 1 acre, our New Acre! Inspired by all the open farmland and park life surrounding our home, we have started hundreds of projects around our house. Most of them are not finished, as Michael’s carpentry skills just can’t keep up with Lisa’s creative mind and ideas!

Most of our project started out for us. We wanted to make this house a home. A place where our kids will love growing up, memories we will never forget, and a place where friends and family will love to visit.  More recently, we started making projects and crafts to sell.  It isn’t just us, well, its with our neighbors as well. Lisa and our neighbor Meredith started there own company called Two Neighbors Makery. Everything is hand crafted, season decor, rustic, and vintage.

We will document all that we do around our home and the crafts we make as well. We just want to share the journey with those and hopefully inspire them in one way or another! We believe firmly in creating a lifestyle you want to live!

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