Digital Nomad? Digital Home-mad!

Starting our business in 2015, we set out to be just like digital nomads. We loved everything about that lifestyle – get to choose your own hours, wake up when you want, work anywhere there is WiFi or cell signal, be your own boss, travel, and enjoy life! We loved all of that, except one thing, the traveling. Why did we have to travel to be digital nomads? Is that just part of the description? Pretty much. That is why we set out to be, what we call, Digital Home-Mads!

Free Time

We still created our business, a local home cleaning service, to give ourselves more free time – but instead of using that free time to travel, we used it to make our house a home. Every day we were outside making sure we were doing one project or another so our kids could grow up at the best house ever!

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We had a long list of ideas that we wanted to get started right away this summer, the first summer in our home. It started out with the front, giving our 1800’s home a nice curb appeal make over. We added the picket fence (still needs painted), did a lot of planting and landscaping, and with a touch of decorations – we were ready to move to the fun stuff. Before we could even finish the front, we had a photographer randomly stop by to take a picture. He said he is just a free lance photographer on his way somewhere and couldn’t help but to stop and take a few pictures. He thought our home looked very patriotic and historical – exactly what we were going for!

Making a house a home front yard Pickett fence
Actual picture of our work in progress!

For the kids and family

In the back yard, we wanted to make this a place where family would come to visit often in the summer. Where the kids (our 5 year old and when our 8mo old gets older) will wake up and want to run out back as soon as possible! We made an awesome go kart track, bought a pool where we biult a very large deck around, added a HUGE pond that we will fill with fish next year, a chicken coop, and of course a swing set.

We want to add in the patio as well for grilling activities with the family. We want to share this Digital Home-Mad lifestyle with all our loved ones. Let them know we aren’t just doing this for us – but for all of us to enjoy.

Living a Digital Home-Mad life

Now, 2017, we are doing it! We spend all our time at our own home. We get to create so many memories with our kids, friends, and families. We don’t have a need to travel or go on vacation, we created a place where we want to stay – not get away from. We hope our kids will inherit that mentality and love for their home as well. We get to do what we want, whenever we want. We don’t have to worry about stay and travel, we just stay!

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