Starting a business, creating a lifestyle.

We didn’t want to start a business for the money (well, not entirely), or for the status of being a owner. We wanted to create a lifestyle and to give us that lifestyle, we needed to start a business. We want to have free time, a lot of it. We want to do things around our house, make our house a home for our kids to grow up to. We want them to have incredible memories here. We could both work a lot and just pay someone else to do the work, but thats not the same and they probably wouldn’t see our vision as clear as we do. We needed to be home more, to work more on our home and to create a lifestyle that we will cherish and our kids will never forget.

creating free time


We knew we needed a change back in 2015. We wanted a lifestyle full of freedom to do what we want, but we both knew we were not in a position to do whatever we wanted. We also knew, it was because of our jobs.

Everyday, we had to sell 8 hours of our day to our boss for some money in return. The only way we could do what we wanted to do was become our own bosses.

This is when we started our local business, our house cleaning service. We did some research and felt this is the best route to go. In short, we could use the technology of today to advertise for growth, then hire on cleaners to take over the field work while we worked from home. We biult this from the ground up, doing everything we had to do for that first year to get it up and running with a good flow of customer coming in. With the help of some software, we could not only work from home, we could essentially work from our phone as long as we had signal.

This is key for us as we wanted to be home and have free time, we did not want to be glued to our computer desk.

Handmade rustic pallet decor


Here we are today, in our dream farmhouse in the (small) country of Northeast Ohio. We spend everyday at home together with our 5 year old (when hes not in school) and our 7 month old. We’ve spent the greater part of the last year using our free time to work on our home. It was built in the 1800s and needed a lot of work.

Now, we want to use our free time to start up a second job, or really, a second form of income.

We love doing projects around our house, working with our hands, and seeing our ideas come to life. This, and seeing all these handmade pallet projects go for a lot of money on buy, sell, trade sites, we figured this would be the perfect business to start! While it does require our own time, we love doing it. We love the challenges it bring every day and the amount of knowledge we are getting out of it. Its like a game, we see a new trending craft or project, and we try to reverse engineer it so we can teach ourselves how its made. Then we add our own little touch and design and start selling.

We still like our free time, so we are not out in our garage crafting 10 hours a day, but its something we really look forward to doing the night before.

Lisa and our neighbor are really the two running the show, hence the business name, Two Neighbors Makery! You can see its still in the start up stages, but we have a lot of hopes and dreams with this one! We have been to a few crafts shows recently to get some ideas and to see how the vendors are doing things and we are signed up for a craft show at the end of the month!

This is what we wanted.

We have free time every single day to take advantage of an idea or when opportunity knocks. One Sunday, the neighbor and Lisa wanted to get together to do some crafting and drink mimosas. By the end of the day, they had their entire business plan laid out! That’s all it took (and all it ever takes), an idea and some ambition. Now, we are getting our social media pages up, business cards made, and a DIY Facebook group started as well. We want to share our tips and tricks, help others with their ideas, and get a community growing where everyone helps each other out.

We can do this because we started a business and created a lifestyle that we wanted. We dreamed of doing this is 2015 and now we are living it.

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