Closing In The Back Porch – Work In Progress.

DIY farmhouse porch

It all started with some 70% off clearance wood at home depot. Really, it did. We ran to Home Depot to get a few items and saw some 1″ x 4″ x 14′ wood for only $1.25! This wood normally costs around $5, so it was a great deal. We grabbed about 10 pieces and headed home to make some more crafts.

Once we got home and she looked at the back porch, our idea light kicked on! We figured we would head back right away and buy the whole cart of clearance wood, about 40 pieces.

Wood craft

We cleaned house at Home Depot! We knew whatever we did not use on our porch, we could use to make some type of craft. We added a few 2x4s to our cart and headed home. The total for the whole project came to about $150! The doors we used were purchased from a resale store for $25 each and one of the doors actually came from our home. It was an antique door we removed when we moved it as the lock was no longer working.

We got home and went right to work! We started by framing the front porch with 2x4s to help keep the doors in place. We centered the two double doors right in front of our kitchen window, which is not center of our porch, but we wanted to be able to watch the kids while they are playing. Once we framed and leveled the doors up, we started to fit in the 1x4s. Leveling this was a bit of a trick, as this house was biult in the 1800’s, nothing is leveled or squared anymore!


On this side, we used a door that came from our home. It was one of our two front doors that had a busted lock, so we replaced it but kept it stored in our garage (with 4 other antique doors from our house!).  This will really put my carpentry skills to test as I try to fit in the pieces on the bottom. You can see the slope (for water run off) is really going to be a good test!

We are on a time limit and only had 2 days to get as much done as possible so we had to prioritize.  We closed up all 4 sides except for where the steps are, which is obviously where the door will go.  There is still small trim work to do on these 4 walls, but its finished enough to be presentable for Abel’s birthday party. We feel for a 10 minute idea, clearence wood, and some old doors, this project turned out great! We will give an update later on when we finish it completely, door and all.

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