Sofa Table – “What am I doing, project.”

Two Neighbors Makery rustic antique door sofa table with pallets

Hey, Michael here!

The sofa table, a very well known piece of furniture. This is actually a left over piece of an antique door from the another project I have going on (hall tree). Basically, I don’t know what I am doing on this one. Lisa is the designer and has all the creativity in this household, I am just the worker bee. I am doing this one though without her help (well, for the most part).

My first decision was what to do or how to fill the panels on from the door. They are just two small panels from the top of the door, which is just the left over section that I am using for this table. I was thinking about putting glass over the whole thing so it would be a nice, smooth surface. But..I have no idea how to cut glass (yet) nor do I have the tool for it. My next idea, which now that I think about it, was a pretty simple and obvious decision – using small pieces of pallet planks! Duh, we have over 400 planks still. I just went right to it, sanded them down and cut them into place. While I was doing this I saw my other extra section of the door and I was like “Yes, matching set!” Rustic antique door pallet sofa table by twoneighborsmakery

I am trying to stay with the antique / rustic / vintage look, but I sometime get carried away into the modern side of things. As you can see by the legs, I went a little modern with the leg design.  Of course, about 10 minutes after the legs were all glued and nailed together, Lisa came to see what I was doing and pointed out how modern the legs are. I took a step back and realized she was right, as always. I did some searching on Pintrest and found a much better antique design. Before I started cutting and nailing like a mad man, I asked Lisa for her approval. The final design is what you see at the top.  In that picture, I already have the pallet pieces stained. Next is just painting the door and legs a solid color.

As I am writing this, I decided to add a shelf at the bottom of that table. We will see how that goes tomorrow!

I am also finding out that I  really like the antique door designs and ideas.  I am not sure why but I just enjoy working with them.  I actually picked up two more doors today for only $10 each. I also picked up some old hand rail spindles for less than a $1 each that will work great as legs.

Antique rustic vintage doors for Two Neighbors Makery
These two antique doors are just an empty canvas for us!


I am not sure what I will do next, but I have some ideas as I am typing out loud right now. Is that what its called? Anyways, I have a hall tree already in the works, the sofa table from here, and a matching end table. With the two doors, I will either make a double sized hall tree. This one will be used in an entry way / mud room.  Since it’s double the size, there will be a nice sized bench with plenty of storage for shoes. There will also be enough room for 5-6 hooks to hang up coats. The other idea would be a head board. I will only need to use one of the doors for this, which I am actually excited to start. This also leaves me with an extra door for another idea!

So, adding bottom shelf on the sofa table and a headboard to the checklist.

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