Everyday family.


The Family.

Family of 4, or 21, if you count the cats, dogs, and chickens! We live on an acre surrounded by hundreds of acres of farmland and national park in Northeast Ohio. Our house was biult in 1875, one of the original houses to most of that land. There is us, Michael and Lisa, and Abel who is almost 5 and Finley who actually turned 7 months old today. Then, we have our two dogs Nala (pit bull mix) and Khaleesi (Pomeranian mix) and three cats Dobie, Paris, and Onna (all long haired cats).  Out back, at our chicken coop oasis, there are 12 chickens.  Most of them were bought from a Tractor Supply store but we do have a Silky rooster named Pepper. Silkies are awesome and feel just like a long haired cat!

Our Past.

We firmly believe in creating a lifestyle you want to live. We started our first business together early in 2015. At that time, Michael was working as a commercial electrician and Lisa was worker as a server at a local restaurant. We were both making good money with and Michael had great benefits. Ultimately, it was not what we wanted. We no longer wanted to live to work but to enjoy our free time. We actually wanted a life where we had as much free time as possible. That is when we decided to start our own business, a house cleaning service. Lisa up and quit her job on the spot! As soon as everything was up and running, she quit serving, and was ready to clean.  Michael stayed employed as an electrician to fund the business until there was enough money coming in that he could quit. It was a long and hard first year with starting our own business but it definitely paid off. Today, about 2.5 years in business, a lot of software and processes are in place to help this business pretty much run itself. We have an awesome team to clean for us and as of right now everything is smooth sailing.


Now we are full go into making this house our home. We did a lot of remodeling inside and out. The 1 acre yard is starting to look completely different. We have a lot of projects already started, and a lot we are about to start, and even more plans in mind. Some of our projects we have going on around the acre right now are the pond, the chicken coup, the deck and pool, the kids fort, and the never ending landscaping all throughout! Most of these projects are being put on hold right now as we are starting a new business adventure, Two Neighbors Makery! This is a business we started with our neighbors, where we are making hand crafted decor, refurbished furniture, and pallet crafts! This is what we will talk about most in the upcoming blogs, but we will definitely add in some of our own project as well!

Thank you for reading and be sure to check back!

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